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History & Heritage Tour 2020

Sunday February 23 - Tuesday March 3, 2020


1. Poland & Prague, 2/23-3/3 - $2700

2. Poland only, 2/23-1/3 - $2200

3. Prague only, 1/3-3/3 - $950

Join Rabbi Eliezer Wolf, and renowned Tzvi Sperber of JRoots, on a journey of PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE history and heritage in Poland and Prague.

We will explore 1000 years of Jewish life - learn about ancient communities, leaders and their heroism, Sages and their teachings, and discover their rich contributions to Judaism. We will also encounter the tragic destruction of the Holocaust, and learn about the rebuilding ever since.

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Tue, November 12 2019 14 Cheshvan 5780