Beit David Highland Lakes Shul is a growing and vibrant community, an absolutely one-of-its-kind. It boasts membership from all backgrounds, walks of life and nationalities. No matter one’s level of Jewish observance, BDHLS welcomes everyone equally and offers a wonderful place for individuals and families to come participate and experience the passion of Jewish life. What brings everyone together is a common aspiration for warmth, spiritual growth and Jewish pride.


We provide meaningful and inspirational prayer services which are joined by explanations and guidance from the Rabbi. There are ongoing classes and courses – instructed by talented and brilliant scholars – which explore the gamut of Jewish academia. There are a variety of social events, for men, women and the family. There are lots of fun, educational and creative programs for children of all ages.

Our motto is “Always Open”. Our doors are always open to greet new people. Our minds and hearts are always open to learn, experience and celebrate. Whilst we are firmly anchored in the Jewish tradition, we are also boldly innovative, fresh new. We are lovingly committed to prayer, education, meditation, family and festival celebrations, chessed, tikkun-olam, and soul-body health and integration. We are a place to experience life-cycle events, counseling, a home for joy and dancing, and a home for tears and healing. We are proud supporters of the State of Israel.

Rabbi Bryn

Beit David Highland Lakes Shul was created in 2003 by a merger of the Highland Lakes Synagogue and the Califorina Club Synagogue, to serve the residents of Highland Lakes, Skylake, and greater Aventura. Beit David is named after Rabbi Dovid Bryn o.b.m, who founded the California Club Shul with love, commitment and courage. His vision and sincerity is inherent throughout the structure of our Shul.